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Trained Leaders: Why Bain Values Our Veterans

Kelly Boone Swaintek, a partner in our Austin office, transitioned to a career in consulting after serving in the U.S. Army. Knowing firsthand the challenges veterans face reentering civilian life and the workforce, Kelly has made it her mission to support veteran Bainies transition from one career to the next as well as advocate recruiting them and their talents to Bain. 


Trained Leaders: Why Bain Values Our Veterans

The skills veterans gain from military experience allow them to be calm under pressure, be strategic thinkers and execute complex strategies – key skills consultants must have to solve our clients’ difficult problems. Our guest not only has these skills but is proving that they are transferable from the military to the workforce.

Kelly Boone Swaintek, a partner in our Austin office, joined Bain after serving in the U.S. Army. An avid Philadelphia sports fan, Kelly first aspired to become a broadcast journalist but ultimately decided to follow in her brother’s footsteps and attend the United States Military Academy at West Point and start her military career shortly before 9/11. As her five-year commitment to the military ended, Kelly knew it was time to rethink her career when she saw how life in the military affected her parents. After taking the GMAT in a metal container in Iraq, earning her MBA at Columbia, and joining Bain, Kelly is excelling in her consulting career and helping other veterans do the same.

Although serving in the Armed Forces develops key leadership and critical thinking skills, transitioning from a career centered around sacrifice and service to the civilian world is a challenge. Kelly knows firsthand how difficult these challenges can be and has made it a mission to help veterans transition into the consulting world and keep them the topic of conversation within our recruiting efforts. Listen to Kelly’s story about her career in the Army, her journey to Bain, her passion behind supporting veterans, and why veterans are “some of our most successful Bain partners, both from a client perspective as well as playing leadership roles.”

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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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