Which Key Technologies Are Improving Sustainability in Your Sector?

Executives from nine industries rank the digital technologies advancing their sustainability efforts.


Which Key Technologies Are Improving Sustainability in Your Sector?

The sustainability goals of most companies and industries can’t be achieved without digital technologies. Digital tools make it possible to measure and track our progress against sustainability goals. And they foster the collaboration and innovation critical to solving our greatest sustainability challenges.

While every industry faces sustainability challenges and opportunities, no two sectors are exactly alike. To understand how different industries are using digital technologies in their sustainability work, Bain & Company and the World Economic Forum surveyed 400 global executives from nine different industries. From their answers, we identified the top six use cases for each industry, and there is plenty of variety.

Consumer products executives are using blockchain to improve supply chain traceability and digital design to create sustainable products and packaging. In utilities, virtual power plants and residential and commercial energy management systems are helping reduce power demand during peak periods. In healthcare, big data is sparking innovation in medical research and development. And so on.

Together, these nine industries point to one truth: Any company that isn’t already building digital capabilities in one or all of its industry’s top use cases is likely to find that its competitors are.

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