Ingo Stein

Practice Director,


Profilo di Ingo

Dr. Ingo Stein is the Practice Director of our global Automotive and Mobility practice, based in Munich. He is also a member of our broader Advanced Manufacturing and Services practice.

Ingo is an expert on automotive and mobility trends and industry developments and manages the intersection of our firm's capability and automotive expertise. In particular, he leads our IP development across regions around the disruptive trends impacting the automotive industry, which we summarize as “5 RACES”.

He has mainly worked with clients in Advanced Manufacturing and Services and Automotive and has deep expertise in automotive sales and marketing. He has also acted as advisor for diligence and value creation efforts for Private Equity clients on automotive and mobility themes.

Ingo studied physics at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich and the University of Colorado at Boulder and completed his doctorate in experimental Physics at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University.

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