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Radar 360 Strategy GPS Diagnostic

The first step in a successful digital transformation is to understand your point of departure. The Bain Radar 360 StrategySM GPS diagnostic combines an organizational assessment with a robust benchmarking database to evaluate your digital maturity, revealing where you have Gaps, where you’re at Par, and where you’re Strong. Armed with detailed insights on ten dimensions of a digital transformation you can move at speed into your digital future.

Why Bain?

Why Bain?

  • Our proprietary database of nearly 1,300 companies, updated annually, lets you benchmark your digital maturity against your peer group as well as companies in all industries and geographies.
  • We complement our benchmarking with an analysis of where you stand on the Bain Speed Index, a critical factor in digital success.
  • Bain Radar 360 Strategy GPS diagnostic also lets you drill down to analyze your digital maturity by function, region, business unit and other criteria.
  •  An online interactive dashboard makes it easy to see and assess your results, translating data into insights so you can move forward with confidence.


Digital Readiness Survey

This mini version of the Bain Radar 360 Strategy GPS diagnostic provides a quick snapshot of your digital readiness, and guides you on next steps.

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