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More Doctors See Pharma Innovation as a Key to Better Care

While new drugs hold hope for the future, European physicians’ overall satisfaction with pharma companies declined in 2018.

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More Doctors See Pharma Innovation as a Key to Better Care
Seventy percent of physicians say advances in pharmaceutical products are important for their patients

European physicians see pharma innovation as a positive force for change in healthcare, despite their declining overall satisfaction with pharma firms. A Bain survey shows that 70% of physicians believe pharma innovation will contribute to high-quality care in the future, and 59% say the increased availability of biosimilar drugs will improve care. On the whole, however, doctors are dissatisfied with pharma customer service and support, and less than one-third said the companies met expectations for unbiased scientific information.

Loïc Plantevin is a Bain partner and leads the firm’s Healthcare practice for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is based in the Paris office. Valerio Di Filippo is a partner in Bain’s Healthcare practice and is based in Milan.

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