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The 2020 Tech Report: Get on the Right Side of Creative Destruction

We’re as close as we’ll ever get to a unified theory of tech investing—and yet, so far.


The 2020 Tech Report: Get on the Right Side of Creative Destruction

In part three of our tech series on Dry Powder, I sketch out a “cartoon investment theory” for the tech space and invite David Crawford, head of Bain’s global Technology practice, to pressure test it.

“There’s a real science that our clients in the private equity space and we apply together to those business models to make them really, really good investments,” David says.

In this episode, we discuss the lessons he’s learned from the industry’s “persistent value creators.”

We also discuss how their strategies can create disruptive trends that could wash over the entire portfolio, which raises a question: Is every company a tech company now—and by extension, are you a tech investor, like it or not?

Listen to part 1 and part 2 in this series.

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Bain Technology Report 2020: Innovation und Anpassungsfähigkeit sind gefordert

Bain’s inaugural report on the state of the industry examines how leading companies are investing in AI and automation, the hybrid cloud, the Internet of Things, flexible supply chains, virtual sales and other tools to increase resilience and accelerate growth.


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