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Stratos is a unique, industry-first initiative pioneered by Bain. Its goal is to bring together C-suite female executives to expand their networks, discover shared ambitions, and champion the next generation of female leaders.

Stratos members will spearhead thought leadership on the most pressing concerns facing the industry and society — from diversity and cybersecurity to decarbonization and issues affecting emerging markets — and serve as a collective force for positive change. 



This is an important initiative, provides crucial support and encouragement for the amazing women who will be the Financial Services leaders of the future.

Amanda Blanc, Group CEO, Aviva

Stratos CEO Club

Stratos CEO Club

We have launched an industry-first financial services CEO Club which is an exclusive network where female CEOs will together influence the 2050 World Economic Forum themes.

Participation is limited to female CEOs in each of the three global regions. Members of the CEO Club will gather twice a year in their respective regions. We look forward to welcoming and hosting the EMEA CEO Club in September 2022.

Stratos Academy

Stratos Academy

In conjunction with the Stratos CEO Club we are building Stratos Academy, an invitation-only world-class training program for high-potential women leaders from across financial services who currently hold senior management positions. Through a combination of in-person training, virtual connection events, and an exclusive network, female leaders from around the world will learn the art of CEO-level leadership, together.

Participation is limited to 100 women in each of three global regions. Academy participants will gather twice a year for three-day sessions in their respective regions, augmented by virtual sessions and online modules.

The Stratos Academy will fulfill a critical role in shaping, supporting, and inspiring the future CEOs of financial services. I am so proud to be a founding member and look forward to meeting the first cohort of financial services’ most dynamic and high-potential senior women leaders.

Jennifer Tippin, Chief People and Transformation Officer, NatWest Group


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