Anderson Ribeiro

Agile Expert,

São Paulo

Profilo di Anderson


  • 20+ years of experience including almost 15 years in agile practice and 10 years in technology
  • Experience in logistics, financial services, education and fashion retail
  • Led the agile transformation in energy, financial services and retail companies

Anderson Riberio is a member of our Agile practice.

He has experience managing process redesign initiatives, governance and implementation of agile methodology and operating models based on the LEAN THINKING approach in the technology and other administrative areas. This includes industrial production, logistics, planning, customer service, products, agrobusiness and support the sales force.

Anderson has strong expertise with implementation of agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban, Management 3.0, OKRs in multidisciplinary business and software development teams. As well as expertise in data analysis, analytical studies and mapping of complex scenarios for strategic decision making and value creation.

He has also been involved in conducting software development projects and digital transformation in the roles of Product Owner / Product Manager and Scrum Master.

He has the ability to plan, manage, implement and build internal and external health partnerships.

Anderson has further experience in; strategic slanning, project management and IT products, agile management, management of functional and matrix teams.





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