Jeremy Martin

Partner, Atlanta

Leader in Bain’s Private Equity Practice, with deep experience in Healthcare and Customer Strategy & Marketing.

Profilo di Jeremy



  • Member of Bain’s Private Equity and Healthcare practices, with deep expertise in multi-site providers
  • Member of Bain's Customer Strategy & Marketing practice, focusing on commercial excellence, salesforce effectiveness and testing for results in digital customer outreach
  • Created Bain’s Retail Health Playbook for diligence and post-acquisition value creation
  • Co-author of Bain’s Healthcare Private Equity Report
  • Leads Bain Commercial Accelerator, a commercial excellence ops diligence and post-acquisition growth-oriented value creation planner for B2B companies
  • Holds experience working in Bain's Zurich, Sydney and Atlanta offices

Jeremy Martin is a partner in Bain & Company's Atlanta office. He is a member of the firm’s Private Equity, Healthcare and Customer Strategy & Marketing practices. He focuses on commercial and operational diligence and regularly partners with his PE funds and their portfolio companies on growth-led value creation plans, primarily in B2B settings. 

In addition, Jeremy leads Bain’s efforts in retail health, authoring the firm’s Retail Health playbook for both diligence and post-acq work. This approach is also used across other multi-site provider businesses, with a focus on customer segmentation and digital outreach.

Outside of Private Equity work, Jeremy has partnered with many clients in growth strategy and M&A, creating actionable strategic plans to drive revenue and profit in their core business and through adjacency expansion. He has experience across multiple industries, primarily in transformation and high-growth markets.

Jeremy has been with Bain since 2006 and has worked in the firm's Atlanta, Sydney and Zurich offices.  

He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and holds a BS in finance and economics from the University of Florida.

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