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Revenue Turnaround: A Tech Salesforce Changes Behaviors

Shrinking revenues prompted a technology provider to take a fresh look at its market opportunities. With Bain's help, it revamped its sales operations and practices so it could expand share of wallet at existing accounts.

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  • 52% one-year global pipeline gain
  • 100% one-year Americas pipeline gain

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The Situation

Tech Co.'s revenues were shrinking because of falling salesforce productivity, poor account planning, wasted sales time and a culture that tolerated underperformance. By prioritizing opportunities, reorganizing sales operations and encouraging winning behaviors among reps, the company could improve sales performance and restore revenue growth after years of decline—all while moving to a recurring revenue model.

Our Approach

  • Opportunity prioritization: Using a combination of advanced analytics, competitor analyses and customer interviews, Bain helped Tech Co. identify opportunities to improve rep productivity and culture.
  • Co-creation: Together, Bain and Tech Co.’s sales leadership prioritized a series of changes to overcome the barriers standing in the way of improved sales effectiveness and a winning culture.
  • Customer focus: With Bain's assistance, reps shifted their approach to emphasize the value that customers would receive from Tech Co.'s products, instead of engineering specifications and new incremental features.
  • Implementation: Bain and Tech Co. defined “what good looks like” and cultivated a stronger sales culture through frontline sales manager training, increasing selling time with clients, developing new sales collateral and hosting a series of workshops to deploy new sales playbooks.

The Results

  • 52% one-year global pipeline gain from winning salesforce behaviors, with dramatic increase in pipeline quality and likelihood
  • 100% one-year Americas pipeline gain from winning salesforce behaviors

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