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Young Americans Most Fearful of Covid-19 Health Risks

Older Americans, who are at greatest risk from the virus, are less worried about the negative health effects than those age 44 and younger.

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Young Americans Most Fearful of Covid-19 Health Risks

As Covid-19 outbreaks continue to rapidly sweep across the US, some have pointed fingers to young Americans, citing reports that many have been quick to ramp up social activity as local government restrictions are lifted. Yet according to a Bain/Dynata survey, Americans ages 18 to 44 are also the most worried about the virus’s impact on their health. In recent weeks, health concerns have spiked for high-income consumers in this age bracket, while declining for lower-income young Americans, who still had the second-highest level of concern. The rest of the country’s concerns have declined or plateaued during this period. And the most vulnerable population—Americans age of 65 and older—remain the least concerned about the negative health effects of Covid-19.   

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