Inside Bain’s 2023 Midyear M&A Report

Bain partners share insights from our midyear report and introduce strategies to help companies succeed.


Inside Bain’s 2023 Midyear M&A Report

Amid depressed deal activity and volumes, buyers are still actively searching for their next great acquisition. In this unique and unpredictable climate, cutting edge due diligence is the key to unlocking hidden value as well as disciplined valuations. Bain partners and M&A practice experts Benjamin Farmer, Emmanuel Coque, & Suzanne Kumar discuss midyear market updates and the latest advancements in strategic due diligence that can maximize opportunities in today’s environment.

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M&A Midyear Report 2023: It Takes Two to Make a Market

The strategic M&A market is in limbo as both buyers and sellers navigate this weird economy.

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