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New Tool Supports Accelerated Performance Transformation for UK Healthcare Providers

Improving front-line healthcare performance requires a fresh approach.

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New Tool Supports Accelerated Performance Transformation for UK Healthcare Providers

Moving beyond the initial repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic to address system-wide healthcare delivery challenges demands a reconsideration of the ways healthcare is practised and administered.

Developed as part of an NHS Foundation Trust multi-year partnership, the new Accelerated Performance Transformation (APT) Programme draws on performance improvement and transformation expertise to highlight optimal strategies for organisations pursuing high-priority goals and key strategic initiatives.

APT rapidly identifies opportunities for improvement in productivity, capacity release, cost efficiency, patient flow, digitally enabled user and employee experience, and more to accelerate organisation-wide performance enhancement. It focuses on execution, sustainable change, and capability-building at every organisational level, from frontline workers through executive leadership.

Backed by Bain’s proven analytical rigor, APT leverages state-of-the-art tools, including ARC and Micro-battles, to keep organisations’ transformations on track to deliver on their ambitions and sustain the results.

The Results Delivery® Office (RDO) focuses on tackling problems, empowering teams, and anticipating and responding to risks—rather than prioritising control and upward assurance, which are so often the focus of traditional programme management protocols. RDO builds organisational capability by providing precise coaching to keep organisations’ change efforts focused on identifiable goal attainment.   

Throughout the process, APT advisors work closely with partners and clients to establish shared incentives for success.


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