Eduardo Ferreira de Lemos

Associate Partner,


20+ years' consulting and industry veteran with experience across EMEA and South America.

Biografie Eduardo

Eduardo Ferreira de Lemos is a member of our Advanced Manufacturing & Services. He has extensive experience and a passion for identifying and driving value creation opportunities.

He has led 70+ projects for top world organizations in countries across EMEA and LATAM, including Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Argentina, France, the UK and more. He also has deep expertise in the infra-structure and utilities industries, namely on energy, infra and family holdings, where he has led 20+ strategic plans, 20+ M&A, 10+ turnaround programs and 10+ organizational redesign.

Futhermore, his core competencies include; strategic and business planning, performance improvement, digital transformation, results delivery/change management, M&A screening and diligences, P&L responsibility and reporting.

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