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Particular focus in customer experience, engagement, and loyalty

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  • Global leader in Bain’s Customer Experience solution
  • Deep expertise in banking, payments, and digital assets
  • >32 years of firm experience supporting industry leaders across the globe

Gerard du Toit is an expert in banking, payments, and digital assets, having previously led Bain’s  Banking and Payments sector in North America. He is also a deep expert in customer experience, engagement, and loyalty, and prior head of Bain’s global Customer Experience capabilities.

He has worked with industry leaders around the globe to help them transform their businesses to reliably deliver outstanding customer experiences & engagement, producing leading customer, employee and shareholder outcomes. This involves developing a prioritized business and technology roadmap, simplifying and digitizing end-to-end experiences, fostering a customer-centric culture, and changing the operating model to drive a faster pace of change.

According to Gerard, “Transforming a company to be truly customer centric is surprising difficult in practice. But the payoff is the triple play: happier customers who come back for more, more engaged employees spending less time on rework and resolving problems, and better shareholder performance due to lower cost and faster revenue growth.”

Gerard is the founder and lead author of Bain’s annual Customer Loyalty in Retail Banking report, which has tracked trends in bank customer loyalty, behavior and usage across 25+ countries since 2010. He has written numerous other publications and is regularly quoted in the global media.

Gerard is the former Chairman of Bain’s Worldwide Compensation & Promotion Committee and served on Bain’s Board of Directors.

Prior to joining Bain in 1990, Gerard was involved in the successful start-up of a credit union, serving on the board and as the COO and then CFO.

He earned his BS in economics, magna cum laude, from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, and received an MBA with Honors from the Harvard Business School.

Why Bank Customers are so Disloyal (and Why Banks Want to Change That)

Bain & Company Partner Gerard du Toit talks about the struggle banks face in attracting new customers, the companies that have made the biggest strides in service and the importance of digital tools in fostering loyalty.

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