OPEXEngine by Bain

OPEXEngine by Bain

Now investors and technology companies can tap into the insights they need to develop better strategies, plans, budgets, and scorecards. The result: new pathways to efficient growth and value creation.

OPEXEngine by Bain

OPEXEngine is the world’s leading SaaS and software performance benchmarking provider. We work directly with technology companies and their investors to provide a deep-dive analysis and comparison against peers and market leaders on financial, operational, go-to-market, and expense metrics.

Acquired by Bain & Company in 2021, OPEXEngine’s secure cloud-based platform contains datasets from more than 1,000 leading private technology companies and 18,000 public firms. In fact, 70% of US-based SaaS IPOs within the last 10 years have benchmarked with OPEXEngine.

Our robust benchmarking platform enables investors and technology companies to analyze, measure, and compare their performance against their peer group. With more than 350 financial, performance, and operating metrics, subscribers can measure lagging and high-performing KPIs and apply data-driven findings to create value.

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See how OPEXEngine’s secure SaaS and software benchmarking platform can help private equity firms and technology companies monitor portfolios and create value.

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A Closer Look

A Closer Look

OPEXEngine’s expert finance consultants will work with your team to build out a customized survey to gather the most relevant information on your portfolio. We start with core KPIs for tracking performance, go-to-market effectiveness, expense management, and cash (for smaller companies), and build out as appropriate to match existing processes.  We apply best practices and over a decade’s experience with over 1,000 companies in normalizing software company data to industry standards.

Your operations staff will collect the data required to complete our customized survey. If necessary, our staff can assist in the collection of your portfolio data. Once the data collection and survey are complete, portfolio company data is uploaded into  OPEXEngine’s secure cloud-based platform.

Peer cohorts are created with a balance of anonymity and precision, ensuring a relevant apples-to-apples comparison based not only on revenue, but also on operating models and other key factors. We make regular improvements to the platform, dashboards, and data analysis to ensure a seamless, precise, and optimized experience.

Analyze, measure, and compare key KPIs for diligence and portfolio performance against peer cohorts to identify areas for improvement and value creation opportunities. Key PE-specific metrics and KPIs include YOY Growth, EBITDA, Rule of 40, ARR/Employee, gross margin, net dollar retention, churn rate, and more.

Benchmarking with OPEXEngine gives private equity firms access to the world’s largest dataset of proprietary private and public B2B SaaS/software companies’ financial and operational benchmarks. Get the insights needed to develop optimal go-to-market and exit strategies, identify operational and commercial areas to improve, and uncover efficient pathways to portfolio growth.

Our Experience & Impact

Our Experience & Impact

*Measured from customer companies who benchmarked with OPEXEngine for 3+ years.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“I cannot do my job without OPEXEngine.” – Eric Mersch, Equity Partner, FLG Partners

“OPEXEngine’s extensive SaaS database of key metrics and benchmarking platform has proven to be extremely helpful in our due diligence process and our portfolio analysis. We recommend them to SaaS companies and investors.” 

– Alkarim Jivraj, CEO, Espresso Capital

"We use OPEXEngine's benchmarking platform internally to access a much bigger database to benchmark portfolio company key metrics. Many of our portfolio companies also use the OPEXEngine benchmarking platform to help get the management team all on the same page in terms of metrics and targets. Many have found benchmarking to be a critical management resource to help grow efficiently.  We recommend the OPEXEngine benchmarking platform to our portfolio companies."

– Krishna Potarazu, Partner, Operational Excellence Group, JMI Equity

“We have been benchmarking with OPEXEngine for over eight years here at Adaptive. We use it to benchmark how we are doing against our peers. We use it to set targets, and when questions come up from operating departments. OPEXEngine does the hard work of aggregating data from all the participating companies, cleaning it, and then providing it back to all the companies anonymously.” 

– Kerman Lau, Vice President, Financial Planning and Assistance, Workday/Adaptive Insights


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