Beyond COP26: Implications for Private Equity

Experts from Bain and Persefoni discuss the implications of carbon footprinting for the private equity industry. 


Beyond COP26: Implications for Private Equity

COP26 has increased the pressure on public and private organizations to escalate and accelerate their sustainability commitments. In this webinar recording, Bain partners Marc Lino, Torsten Lichtenau, and Debra McCoy are joined by Tim Mohin, chief sustainability officer and executive vice president at Persefoni, to discuss actions companies can take to manage and mitigate climate change, while still creating value along the way.

Bain + Persefoni

A unique partnership that combines breakthrough carbon footprint analytics with decarbonization strategy

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Beyond COP26: An Action Plan for CEOs

As measures to tackle climate change accelerate, more companies will approach their own carbon transitions with the same results orientation as any other strategic transformation.

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