Covid-19 Recovery in Aviation

Bain's Torsten Lichtenau and SkyTeam CEO Kristin Colvile share the sustainability forecast for the airline industry in light of current events.


Covid-19 Recovery in Aviation

The ongoing pandemic, a new emphasis on health and safety, and rising inflation are prompting airlines to reassess what is and isn’t possible in the age of going green. As oil prices skyrocket and global travel decreases, airlines’ long-term planning must weigh what is truly imperative for a carbon-neutral future. In this video, Bain Partner Torsten Lichtenau and SkyTeam CEO Kristin Colvile discuss how the pandemic has both accelerated and delayed the industry’s sustainability efforts.

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Air Travel Forecast: When Will Airlines Recover from Covid-19?

The outlook has improved as countries have lifted pandemic restrictions, but recession and oil supply concerns threaten to thwart the recovery.

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