Piotr Szremski


Biografie Piotr

How did you end up working at Bain? 

Back in middle school I was already designing web comics with friends. I practiced a lot of drawing, especially manga, and photo manipulation in Photoshop. After that, I worked for a few years at an IT company as a designer, then changed to a consulting firm, and now here I am at Bain. I’m working with great people. It’s coming up on six years now and I’m still growing and finding new things to expand my skills, which is great.  

What do you think about the culture?  

One thing I love is that everyone is open to feedback and to finding the best solution to big challenges. It’s very inspiring. It’s always making me curious and makes me want to develop myself. There’s also tons of support. I changed roles from individual contributor to manager and I received lot of support from those higher up and from colleagues. People have been there to answer my questions, provide training, and provide social and emotional support. Sometimes when transitioning roles, you can run into a situation where you don’t know who to turn to. Not here. Friends and colleagues will help you face whatever it is. 

Advice to candidates?  

Be yourself, stay curious and open to ask questions :) 

Piotr's Career Story

“I’m still growing and finding new things to expand my skills, which is great”