Juan Redondo

Associate Partner,


Biografie Juan


  • Advisor to World Economic Forum’s Digital Currency Governance Consortium (DCGC)
  • 12+ years of professional experience in Middle East and Spain

Juan Redondo is a member of our Web3 and Financial Services practice.

He has worked with many of the top leading banks and Media companies across Europe and Middle East on topics related to strategy, launch of new financial products and impact of Web 3.0 technologies into business models (metaverse, NFTs, tokenized assets, cryptocurrencies). His case portfolio includes various diligences for both corporate and private equity funds.

Since 2021, Juan has collaborated with the World Economic Forum as a topic advisor for the Forum’s Digital Currency Governance Consortium (DCGC). Additionally, he has participated in cryptocurrency conferences across the world.

Before joining us, he was an entrepreneur in the Middle East and graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In her personal time, Juan is a passionate about geopolitics, history and football.

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