An Institutional Investor Leaps into the High-Growth Asset Market

We helped design and launch a new sovereign wealth fund.

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We helped a Middle Eastern government stand up and launch a high-growth sovereign wealth fund. Now fully operational, GrowthFundCo will commit tens of billions of dollars across multiple asset classes by 2025, making both direct and indirect investments.

Die ganze Geschichte

As we guided GrowthFundCo through every step of its formation, there were three main elements to our support: defining the fund’s investment strategies, designing a blueprint for its structure and operations, and advising its leaders on a selection of direct deal assessments.

For the strategy element, we helped our client set its portfolio parameters, establish asset allocations, and understand all the implications of ramping up capital commitments. Based on our recommendations, GrowthFundCo is now pursuing deals in four main categories: private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and public equity.

Designing GrowthFundCo’s operations was a collaborative process. We worked with the firm’s leaders to establish its budgets, compensation plans, organizational structure, recruiting function, and more. We mapped out the investment processes, drafted investment memo templates, and built a portfolio-monitoring dashboard. We designed the fund’s IT infrastructure and engaged a slate of carefully selected IT vendors.

Finally, backed by our deep experience advising institutional investors, we supported GrowthFundCo’s new investment team in evaluating a select number of direct deals, performing due diligence on new opportunities across a range of industries and geographies. 

Today GrowthFundCo has already committed several billion dollars to more than a dozen deals, using the investment strategy, organizational structure, and governance model we helped it establish. 

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