Betsy Schneider


Share your journey to Bain.

Like many in the expert track, I had about a decade of experience in digital analytics and digital data prior to joining Bain!

I started my career in New York, creating ad forecasting models and hedging strategies for an online health content publisher with 26 different web properties. I then moved to a big data team at McCann and spent a couple of years analyzing media and online conversion data before joining a CDP vendor as a post-implementation consultant and moving back to Minnesota. I joined Bain in 2018 after completing my MBA.

How did you know that Bain was the right company for you?

Bain has the broadest line-of-sight into the whole ecosystem of value creation, and more of an ability to pull enterprise-wide levers in a way that internal teams, agencies, and vendors cannot.

Do you feel like you can do impactful work at Bain? What opportunities excite you?

Absolutely! I'm really excited about the work ahead to codify and scale the Connected Customer product; the framework is a great home for many of the martech analyses we've done to date.

“Build Your Own Bain” means creating a thriving career on your own terms. How have you been able to “Build Your Own Bain?”

Given martech is an enabler across industries, I've had the great fortune of having exposure to and connection with many of the other GC offices and expert groups; it has felt like a 'choose your own adventure' in the best way!