I'm Danny, a part of our Media & Entertainment practice. I run undergrad recruiting here. I started at Bain in 2002 straight out of undergrad, so I've been here for a while. I started off in the New York office doing a lot of different things, whether it was in retail or healthcare or private equity.

I spent my senior associate consultant year in Johannesburg, which was a life-changing experience. Yes, I had the comfort of being at Bain, but living and doing business in South Africa was a total change. It was a different world. I went to business school for two years and came back to the New York office. I also had stints in our Delhi office soon after business school, and then I spent some time in the Tokyo office, as well as an extensive amount of time in Canada. I've been all over the place throughout my career at Bain.

"What I love about being in the media and technology sector is that it's changing all the time."

A couple years after business school, I started to really home in on media and technology. There have been a lot of great cases, but the one I'm working on now centers on how a media company can reorganize itself given that films are shrinking and TV is getting bigger. How does my client have to change now to address these big shifts?

At Bain, I learn something new every day. The stuff that I learned yesterday is no longer relevant. It moves at a really fast pace.

I have to say that being the head of recruiting gives me huge energy. One of my favorite parts of the job is finding people to fill our talent pipeline. As a business, we don't have a machine, and we don't have warehouses. Our product is driven by people. When I look at the people we're recruiting now vs. where I was when I came to Bain, there are some things that have changed. Students have much more experience now, much more exposure to different ideas and places.