Kippy Ingram


I'm Kippy. I started at Bain three years ago in the Sydney office as an associate consultant. I first heard of Bain when I was at the University of Melbourne.

"I was an industry hire. I'd worked on oil rigs for five years in South America and the Middle East, and was looking for my next challenge."

Consulting interested me because of the wide variety of projects that you get to be involved in. I looked at a few different consultancies and chose Bain because I had a better rapport with the people. I felt the type of work they did in the Australia office was more interesting than some of their competitors. After a period of time in the Sydney office, I went to Sloan Business School to get my MBA and master's in engineering from MIT. Then I returned to Bain's Boston office after I graduated.

I've mostly been focused on private equity due diligence—intense three-week projects where we gain a thorough understanding of companies and industries that private equity firms are looking to invest in. It's really interesting work because you get to learn about new industries at a high level of detail in a very short period of time.