Advanced Analytics Group (AAG)

Advanced Analytics Group (AAG)

Join AAG and you join a group of experienced practitioners who are highly skilled at finding signals in messy data, cleaning those data sets, supplementing them with primary research, building complex models and simulations from that data, and lots more. Bain is a numbers-driven place, and this team is the advanced analytics engine that helps our clients and case teams make strategic decisions.

Our work touches 97% of global GDP and your contribution will have an impact

We decompose our clients' biggest problems into data science projects to deliver answers and insights. This demands clear communication and business acumen because we're there to help clients achieve results. On any given day, you might be producing reliable, production-grade code to help a luxury retailer go direct-to-consumer or an insurer classify and extract data from a body of documents. You'll also help assemble the cloud platforms, machine learning (ML) models, automated pipelines, and operating models to help that client do it for themselves.  

We’re also heavily involved in building Bain’s own intellectual property. We create the data models, analytics engines, and dashboards that become products that the company can then provide to help clients achieve results faster—for example, Advanced Retail Buying.

This role demands intellectual elasticity and a perennial love of what’s new. We’re constantly updating our toolkit to stay at the front of fields like generative AI, natural language processing, predictive modeling, social science research, and CI/CD for data pipelines. If you’re looking for a place to sharpen your skills while also being supported, this is it.

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