John Lowe

Expert Associate Partner,


Advanced Analytics & Data Science expert with a focus on Retail and Financial Services

Biografie John



  • 10+ years consulting experience in APAC, North America and EMEA, across strategy, customer, corporate and financial transactions, pricing and analytics
  • Deep expertise in artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning

John Lowe is a member of our Advanced Analytics practice.

He has more than 10+ years of consulting experience with Bain across a broad range of capabilities, including corporate and portfolio strategy, data science, data management, analytics, machine learning, B2C/B2B pricing, and transactions/diligence.

John primarily advises retail and financial services clients on translating large volumes of data into valuable strategic insights. He has deep expertise in both AI and traditional analytics, as well as B2B/B2C pricing, where he is a thought leader who has helped develop and deploy multiple cutting-edge solutions with clients.

John holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Melbourne, a Masters in Business Management from Monash University, and a Bachelor of Science with Honors from the University of Melbourne.

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