Michael Blake



Advanced Analytics and technology leadership specialist with 25+ years' experience.

Biografie Michael

Michael Blake is a member of our Advanced Analytics practice. He also leads our APAC software, data and platform engineering capability.

Michael has over two decades of experience designing, building and delivering high-scale data and AI software products and solutions for global clients. He has a background in software engineering, technical architecture, and technology consulting, spanning domains including cloud computing and distributed systems, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning operations (MLOps).

Prior to joining us, Michael was previously VP of Engineering and Architecture at Max Kelsen, the AI and Machine Learning Customer Engineering Practice Lead at Google Cloud for Australia and New Zealand and a Specialist Data Analytics Consultant and Solution Architect with Amazon Web Services. He also previously held VP Engineering and CTO roles at BBC Studios and high-growth technology start-ups in the UK.

Michael holds multiple cloud computing, AI and machine learning, data analytics, and project management certifications, in addition to a master's degree in computing from Manchester Metropolitan University, and a BA Honours in ancient history and archaeology from the University of Manchester.

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