Consumer-led Brand Growth

Consumer-led Brand Growth

A powerful, data-driven solution that puts consumers at the heart of your growth strategy.

Consumer-led Brand Growth

As top CPGs face increasing competitive challenges as well as new opportunities to gain market share, building winning brands has never been more complex. There are insurgent disruptors to compete with, more channels to sell through, and more consumer needs to address, including a focus on purpose and sustainability. The traditional demand funnel is collapsing as more brand discoveries happen online.

To win, brands need to truly put the consumer at the center so they can expand their addressable market, improve competitive advantage, create cross-selling opportunities, and enhance their ability to innovate.

For over five decades, we have worked closely with top executives at the leading consumer products companies to build and grow some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands. Today, our work is powered by a cutting-edge, customizable, and proven solution that drives significant growth by putting consumers at the heart of your brand strategy.

Our Bain Brand Accelerator solution is built on four key imperatives:

  • Break free from a category view of the world and refocus on consumers’ needs, present and future
  • Develop brand portfolios and growth initiatives that create value by addressing specific consumer needs
  • Grow and nurture brands through multi-year value creation plans
  • View growth as a capability rather than an output. 

Bain Brand Accelerator Solution

Bain Brand Accelerator Solution

Bring growth opportunities to life by putting the consumer at the center. Powered by quantitative and qualitative research, our Consumer Insights Engine is composed of three parts:

  • Consumer demand spaces. We segment consumption based on consumer needs and contexts vs. demographics, allowing us to identify solutions both inside and outside of your current portfolio.
  • Shopper partitions. We overlay consumer behavior with a detailed shopper-focused view to identify white spaces and future adjacencies, as well as inform brand activation plans.
  • Behavioral research. We complement our quantitative analysis with in-depth observation of the full shopper and consumer journey. Our Consumer Lab experts provide consumer insights that go beyond shopping baskets.

Prioritize your options and define the best future-proof brand portfolio strategy for your company with a data-driven approach. Leveraging our Consumer Insights Engine, we identify your portfolio options, from doubling down on pockets of operational growth in your current market, to moving into adjacencies via innovation, to pursuing strategic growth into white spaces.

Repeatable Growth Model

Nurture and grow your brands with an actionable, multiyear brand growth plan focused on the consumer. Our repeatable growth model has three key elements, with ESG considerations embedded throughout.

Our FRWD® marketing and e-commerce experts provide deep insights on best practices, while our Bain Capability Network delivers core analytics in a way that enables quick creation of scalable insights across your business.

Capability Building

Build lasting organizational capabilities and drive strong, sustained operational growth with a new commercial growth operating system.

Our proven approach and supporting toolkit help consumer products companies embed the repeatable growth model with depth and pace. Maximizing the use of AI and technology to enhance repeatability and scaling, our approach covers four key areas:

  • Build a fit-for-purpose, fact-based growth model, supported by tools that enable replicability
  • Develop internal capabilities supported by a central capability team and training academy
  • Embed the repeatable growth model in the organization’s culture, ways of working, and performance management
  • Set an ambitious roadmap to deploy the model across the business




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