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ESG at the Tipping Point: From Awareness to Action

ESG awareness has gone global. Learn how leading private equity firms are now springing into action.


ESG at the Tipping Point: From Awareness to Action

In a few short years, ESG awareness has spread from Europe to the Americas and Asia-Pacific to just about every region of the globe.

“We have reached a tipping point,” says Dr. Axel Seemann, a leader at Bain’s Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility practice and one of our most experienced advisors on ESG strategies. “ESG in private equity is now considered across asset classes and all geographies.”

But a persistent gap remains between ESG awareness and action.

Today on Dry Powder, I’ll ask Axel how private equity firms are closing that gap. We’ll consider the rising pressure to spring into action and what leading firms are doing to unpack environmental, social and governance issues, and home in on what’s most relevant to their portfolio.


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