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B2B E-commerce

The right e-commerce strategy doesn’t replace your salesforce—it empowers it. Your sales reps can focus on high-value customer interactions and new business development while your platform optimizes every facet of routine sales.

B2B E-commerce

Deciding to build an e-commerce platform is easy, but executing is hard. You need to create an efficient, powerful platform that meets the ever-shifting needs and expectations of your customers. But businesses often depend on multiple legacy systems pieced together over many years.

We help companies in every industry meet this challenge and deliver the seamless digital experiences customers expect. We start by understanding your unique commercial landscape—the products, sales processes, and customer segments that matter most. Then we help you tailor and prioritize your digital initiatives, so you seize the biggest opportunities right away.

Backed by our deep expertise in product and experience design, we take a top-to-bottom view of your existing capabilities, particularly the digital infrastructure that your e-commerce platform will depend on. We’ll help you identify and fix deficiencies, and reduce rather than increase complexity.

We combine cutting-edge data analysis with an empathetic study of your customers to give you a keen understanding of your buyers and how you can better meet their unmet—and often unspoken—needs. Then we’ll collaborate with your team to design a solution that is technologically advanced, provides a great customer experience, and satisfies your business case. At the same time, we’ll help drive customer adoption of that platform through a combination of digital marketing, strategic pricing and assortment, supply chain enhancements, and strong incentives for your sales reps and channel partners.

Digital sales excellence is not about technology: it’s about discovering what customers need, and what you can and should do to satisfy those needs. We can help you shape an omnichannel strategy and design an innovative e-commerce solution that delights your customers, your sales teams, and your shareholders.

Persönliche Identifizierung mit Unternehmenszielen

Persönliche Identifizierung mit Unternehmenszielen

Bain Accelerated Transformation hat überdies zum Ziel, dass sich jeder Mitarbeiter mit den Zielen des eigenen Unternehmens identifiziert. Diese Eigentümermentalität führt nachweislich zu einer höheren Unternehmensperformance und langfristig profitablem Wachstum. Bain sorgt dafür, dass sich die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter im Unternehmen wie Inhaber und Aktivisten verstehen. Zudem unterstützen wir mit unserem Turnaround Management die Bildung von agilen und digitalen Kompetenzen, um den Unternehmen unserer Kunden einen nachhaltigen Wettbewerbsvorteil zu verschaffen.

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