Supporting excellence at Charlestown High School

Charlestown High School partnered with Bain to improve test performance, quality of life for students and faculty, and attendance. Bain applied its consulting experience to find workable solutions. The result: test passage rates improved by 10 percent.

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  • 10% improvement in test passage rates

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Th Situation

In partnership with Bain, Boston's Charlestown High School* wanted to improve its test scores, quality of life and attendance.

Charlestown High School, a Boston inner-city school, established a three-to five-year partnership with Bain to work on issues facing the school and improve its overall performance.

The school's top three priorities were:

  • improving performance on local and national tests
  • improving quality of life for students and faculty
  • improving attendance and reducing drop-out rates

Bain's challenge was to translate its consulting expertise to workable solutions that met the school's needs.

Our Approach

Bain has approached the relationship by sharing learning between functional groups, coaching students and faculty, and supporting structural reform.

Our Recommendations

Among several other projects, Bain addressed Charlestown's national test scores. Together with the faculty, Bain analyzed test results and developed a framework to solve the root causes of poor performance.

The Results

After one year, Charlestown High School's national testing passage rate was among the top two most improved in the Boston district.

We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real. 

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