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How Advanced Analytics is Creating Better Customer Experiences

Using data to fuel customer needs is important now more than ever. Nikolaus Zacher, a partner in our Munich office, has substantial experience in advanced analytics with a focus in retail and consumer products. Knowing first-hand the importance of data-driven decision-making, Nikolaus is leading our clients’ business growth by the power of our digital and advanced analytics capabilities. Listen to Nikolaus share his extensive analytics background along with how Bain is using this capability to support better customer experiences.


How Advanced Analytics is Creating Better Customer Experiences

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Nikolaus Zacher, a partner in our Munich office, initially thought of becoming a drummer or a doctor like his parents before heading to university. However, he chose to study informatics when he attended the University of Hamburg in Germany. Soon after he headed to Sydney to earn his master’s in international business from Macquarie University. His combination of computer science and business studies led him to learn about consulting through an internship, where he realized that he enjoyed collaborating with teams and the work. After spending some time at another consulting firm, selling a wedding business, and starting a family, Nikolaus joined Bain in 2013 as a manager.

oday, Nikolaus uses data and analytics to help retail and consumer products clients accelerate their customer experiences in our German-speaking (DACH) offices. His passions in customer and marketing strategies, embedding new technologies, and advanced analytics can be seen in the results of our clients but also in how we recruit top talent for this region. Listen to Nikolaus share his journey to Bain, why advanced analytics will become even more important for our clients and the firm within the next year, and how we’re using data to create outstanding customer experiences for our clients.


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