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Healthcare and Covid-19: The Earthquake

Could the service models emerging today alter the course of healthcare permanently?


Healthcare and Covid-19: The Earthquake


Healthcare typically has been viewed as a safe harbor for investors during a crisis, but what about a public health crisis, when everyone from family practices to pharmaceutical giants is rethinking patient care?

“We need to solve this crisis as fast as possible,” Kara Murphy explained to me on the most recent episode of Dry Powder, “which means taking new approaches.”

Even an experienced observer like Nirad Jain is taken aback by the pace of change. “We have all of the greatest minds in pharma working on one problem,” he said. “That has never happened in modern history.”

I asked Kara and Nirad, who colead Bain’s Healthcare Private Equity practice, to join me for a discussion about whether these dramatic changes are setting a new precedent for patient care. What does it look like while patients shelter in place, and how will the pandemic force the whole system to evolve?

“Everybody is focused on figuring out this one problem,” Nirad says, “which, one, gives me high confidence we're going to win this war against Covid. But it’s also creating these collaboration models that I think will have some permanent mark in this industry. I don’t think we're going to go back to business as normal pre-Covid.”


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