Press release

Pricing expert, Chuck Davenport, joins Bain & Company

Pricing expert, Chuck Davenport, joins Bain & Company

Chuck Davenport joins Bain & Company as a pricing expert in the firm’s Customer Strategy & Marketing practice.

  • 2018年5月3日
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Press release

Pricing expert, Chuck Davenport, joins Bain & Company


New York – May 3, 2018 – Chuck Davenport joins Bain & Company as a pricing expert in the firm’s Customer Strategy & Marketing practice. In this role, Davenport will help Bain & Company clients identify and realize profit improvements through innovative pricing strategies, practical process and organization design, and effective implementation.

Pricing is the single most powerful lever to raise profits – far more effective than boosting sales or cutting costs. Yet, Bain & Company research shows that at least 50 percent of companies leave money on the table because they do not charge the right price or make sure customers actually pay it.

“In our work with B2B and B2C companies across industries, we’ve seen how margin leakage, inadvertent discounts and other unintended consequences of current pricing practices can severely undercut a company’s profitability,” said Ron Kermisch, Bain & Company’s global pricing leader. “Chuck’s extensive pricing expertise will be critical in helping our clients identify smarter strategies to enhance their profits through pricing and build lasting pricing capabilities.”

Davenport, who is based in Bain & Company’s Atlanta office, has more than 20 years of experience advising industrial, software, technology, and media clients on pricing strategy formation, pricing execution improvement, and building pricing infrastructure to sustain results. His most recent research focuses on the role that pricing plays in the shift to more digital and consumption-based business models.

“I am thrilled to join a dynamic Bain & Company pricing team, which over the last decade, has developed a deep understanding of pricing strategy and a proven track record of results,” said Davenport. “Together through our collective experience and investments in tools and techniques, we’ll help clients boost profits in the short run and build sustainable pricing capabilities for lasting value.”

Prior to joining Bain, Davenport co-founded the pricing practice at another major global consulting firm.

He is a featured speaker for the Professional Pricing Society and a guest lecturer at Cornell University, Yale University, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University, and Emory University on the subjects of pricing and profitability management and customer strategy.

Davenport started his career in venture capital and spent five years as a VP of finance for a major family entertainment player. He earned his MBA from Emory University.

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