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Associate Partners James Brooks and Sho Ikeno are chosen as recipients of Bain & Company’s 32nd annual Bright-Dix award

Associate Partners James Brooks and Sho Ikeno are chosen as recipients of Bain & Company’s 32nd annual Bright-Dix award

James Brooks of Bain's Melbourne office and Sho Ikeno of Bain’s Tokyo office have been awarded the firm’s esteemed Bright-Dix Award

  • 2021年10月7日
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Press release

Associate Partners James Brooks and Sho Ikeno are chosen as recipients of Bain & Company’s 32nd annual Bright-Dix award

BOSTON—October 7, 2021—Bain & Company announced today the recipients of its distinguished Bright-Dix Memorial Award, which is presented each year to one or more employees who have made exceptional contributions to the professional development of their fellow colleagues. This year, Bain has selected Associate Partners James Brooks and Sho Ikeno as its 32nd annual Bright-Dix Award recipients. Both Brooks and Ikeno are recognized for their outstanding commitment to coaching, mentoring and training other Bain employees, ensuring that their colleagues build successful and fulfilling careers during their time at the firm.

Bain & Company’s long-standing award was created to honor the memory of two former Bain managers, Nicholas Bright and Peter Dix, who tragically perished in the Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in December of 1988. Each year, Bain recognizes at least one employee who embodies Nick and Peter’s dedication to the betterment of their coworkers and peers.

“One of the many things that makes Bain such a great place to work is our culture of mentorship and support—both professionally and personally,” said Kara Gruver, Bain & Company’s chief talent officer. “James and Sho both possess a passion for leadership and the professional development of their fellow Bainies, serving as continuous sources of inspiration for those who work around them. We are honored to present this award to these two paragons of excellence, who are renowned for their positive impact on employees across all levels of the firm.”

James Brooks is a Melbourne-based, associate partner and leader in the firm’s Retail and Consumer Products practices. He has extensive M&A, strategy and transformation experience, which he uses to work across a wide range of strategic programs, including pricing, operating models, adjacencies and transformation. Outside of retail, James has led engagements in financial services, industrials and logistics. He is well-known around Bain for his incredible impact at the individual, team and office levels, having apprenticed more than 100 Bainies across Australia and affectionally earning himself the title, the “Godfather of the People Development Committee.”

Sho Ikeno is an associate partner based in Bain's Tokyo office. He is an expert in the firm’s Retail, Financial Services and Strategy practices, where he advises both multinational and Japanese clients on topics ranging from corporate and growth strategy to company transformation. Sho is one of Bain Tokyo’s most sought-after advisors, with many of his colleagues crediting him for fostering the growth of their next generation of leaders. He also leads Tokyo’s summer domestic internship program and serves as the office’s local B.E.S.T. champion, a program dedicated to the wellbeing and development of Bain employees.

The Bright-Dix award was first presented over 30 years ago, in 1988. Since its inception, Bain has awarded more than 44 of its employees with this recognition. There are currently 29 award recipients remaining at Bain today.

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