Expert Manager, Machine Learning Engineer

Description & Requirements



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As a member of Bain’s Advanced Analytics Group, you’ll join a talented team of diverse and inclusive analytics professionals who are dedicated to solving complex challenges for our clients. We work closely with our generalist consultants and clients to develop data-driven strategies and innovative solutions. Our collaborative and supportive work environment fosters creativity and continuous learning, enabling us to consistently deliver exceptional results.




  • Work with general consulting teams to understand ML aspects of business problems, and appropriately prioritize and execute  
  • Provide technical leadership for end-to-end technical solution delivery on client cases (from solution architecture to hands-on development work)  
  • Advise client executives on topics in ML engineering and roadmap design  
  • Develop statistical/ML models to be handed over to clients as prototype or production software  
  • Transform existing prototype code into scalable, production-grade software   
  • Write, test, deploy and maintain machine learning code across the full software development lifecycle  
  • Codify client work into repeatable software toolkits and solutions  
  • Regularly demonstrate code to other team members  
  • Peer-review code contributions by other team members  
  • Collaborate on (or lead) the development of re-usable common frameworks, model and components that can be highly leveraged to address common ML engineering problems across industries and business functions  
  • Drive best demonstrated practices in software engineering, and share learnings with team members in AAG about theoretical and technical developments in ML engineering  
  • Work with the team and other senior leaders to create a great working environment that attracts other great ML engineers  
  • Act as PD Advisor as needed 
  • Participate in recruiting and onboarding for other team members



  • 7+ years of engineering experience  
  • 1+ years of experience managing data scientists / machine learning engineers  
  • Shipped production, enterprise scale data products  
  • Expert knowledge of Python and SQL  
  • Proficiency in one or more of R, Java, C++, Scala, Go, Julia  
  • Strong track record of implementing statistical and machine learning models, deploying these, and maintaining them in production environments  
  • Strong understanding of fundamental computer science concepts, particularly data structures, algorithms, automated testing, object-oriented programming, performance complexity, and implications of computer architecture on software performance  
  • Solid understanding of foundational concepts and algorithms in statistics and machine learning, including linear/logistic regression, SVM, random forest, boosting, neural networks, dimensionality reduction, reinforcement learning, etc.  
  • Broad experience of machine learning frameworks and tools (e.g. Pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras, Huggingface)  
  • Understanding of probabilistic programming techniques and associated tools (e.g. Pyro, Stan, Tensorflow Probability, PyMC3), Bayesian inference and MCMC methods  
  • Experience using, designing and developing microservices and associated APIs, with a thorough understanding of REST, GraphQL, gRPC  
  • Understanding of data security and privacy regulations, key topics in cybersecurity, authentication and authorization mechanisms (including cloud IAM)  
  • Experience with MLOps (scalable development to deployment of complex data science workflows) and associated tools, e.g. MLflow, Kubeflow  
  • Experience working in accordance with DevSecOps principles, and familiarity with industry deployment best practices using CI/CD tools and infrastructure as code (Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform, Containers, Git)  
  • Experience with cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure, Databricks, etc) and associated machine learning products, e.g. Amazon SageMaker, Azure ML  
  • Experience in big data technologies, e.g. Hadoop, BigQuery, MapReduce, Apache Spark   
  • Experience working according to agile principles  
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to explain and discuss technicalities of ML algorithms and techniques with colleagues and clients from other disciplines  
  • Ability to work independently and juggle priorities to thrive in a fast paced and ambiguous environment, while also collaborating as part of a team in complex situations


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