As the impacts of climate change become more pronounced, our collective response must become more committed. The challenge of our lifetime is to accelerate from “business as usual” to “business at net zero.” That is the only way to provide the energy, materials, and food that communities and industries need while protecting the integrity of the natural world.

While we have made rapid progress in some areas—for example, investment in and deployment of clean and renewable energy have exceeded the expectations set 10 years ago—we remain closer to the beginning of the journey than to the end.

We at Bain are partnering with global business, government, and civil society leaders to change that. As we explore the market, technology, and policy developments at the heart of the push to net zero, and highlight lessons from the companies leading the way, we remain hopeful that a potent combination of vision, pragmatism, and cooperation can accelerate the progress we've made to date.

We’re attending the 28th annual UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) in the United Arab Emirates, 30 November-12 December, to join together with bold leaders to build a better world.

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Key Takeaways from COP28

Our key takeaways from COP28 and the implications for corporations around the world

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CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum

CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum

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We’re pleased to announce Bain’s sponsorship of CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum, which will take place in-person alongside the COP28 conference.

Bain CEO Manny Maceda’s Catalyst Spotlight session will focus on “The Visionary CEO’s Guide to Sustainability,” our recently published report that details how business leaders can pragmatically navigate a changing world.

This session is brought to you by CNBC Catalyst, the commercial arm of CNBC.

The Visionary CEO’s Guide to Sustainability

Our report explores how leaders can pragmatically navigate a changing world.

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