Hi, I’m Katie, a knowledge manager in the Healthcare practice. I’m originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan (yes it’s a real place!).

Prior to joining Bain, I worked as an associate consultant in the digital business practice at a market research firm. I have always been interested in healthcare and knew I wanted a role at the intersection of healthcare and business. I attended Bentley University, where I initially heard about Bain and its reputation as one of the best places to work. There are also a number of Bentley alumni at Bain, so it had always been on my list of employers I wanted to learn more about.

As a knowledge lead, I help with client development and proposals. It tends to be a fast-paced process, where I have to quickly pull our relevant credentials and help showcase our experience. It’s always rewarding to hear we’ve won a case after spending time preparing the proposal. I enjoy being able to specialize in something I’m passionate about, while working side by side with others who are genuinely interested in their subject area.

In my opinion, Bain is different because it truly invests in its employees.

"Between biannual training trips for our specific roles and broader department trainings, we always have a chance to see our global teammates."

These trips have been crucial for both team and relationship building when working with global colleagues. We also stay up to speed on the latest technologies and programs to help us do our jobs more efficiently and effectively.

The Bain office culture is fantastic. We have monthly social activities and an annual summer trip to Mount Washington, where we get time to socialize with the whole office and enjoy fresh lobster!

The most important piece of advice I can offer to someone applying to Bain is to just be yourself. During the recruiting process, I spoke with six or seven people, completed a case interview and traveled to meet additional team members. It gave me an invaluable opportunity to ask lots of questions, to understand the culture and team structure, and ensure that everything aligned with my professional goals and preferred working style.