My name is Juerg and I joined Bain because I felt a deep connection with both the people and the firm's core values.

Throughout the years, I've worked on 50+ projects across 6 offices and have met lifelong friends who have enriched my life beyond the job. 

I believe Bain gives you the unique opportunity to develop a transferable toolkit. The toolkit you develop includes: 

  • Expertise – exposure to capabilities including strategy, operating model, private equity, transformation, customer experience, digital and Agile.
  • Experience – the ability to experience various environments, countries and companies with different working styles and culture.
  • Leadership styles – the privilege to learn from both Bain leaders but clients with amazing leadership skills.
  • Skills – Example skills include analytics, presentation and meeting management, team management, and the ability to work under pressure.

I left Bain for almost 3 years to run my own startups. The experience gave me great insight and input on what the difference between strategy and execution is. It also made me realize how the culture, people and the type of problems we solve at Bain were truly unique.