Katia Lattouf


My name is Katia. I’ve been with Bain since March 2015. I am originally from Lebanon.

I joined Bain straight after earning a Master's in Electromechanical Engineering. I was most attracted to Bain by the energy of the people at the recruiting event I attended, especially the amazing job they did showcasing their culture and the work they do.

The opportunities that Bain has offered me since day one were countless. I am currently on my 16th project with the firm, and as I reflect back on the past five years, the three countries I've worked in, the different industries I rotate across (telecom, aviation, research and development, education, oil and gas, etc.), the nearly 100 people I've worked with, the three trainings I've attended, and the countless events…I can clearly tell you how Bain has shaped my experience and transformed me into the much better person I am today.

I am also involved in several other initiatives in the office, the dearest to me being Women at Bain. Like other Bainies, I am truly committed to others’ development, and through Women at Bain, we invest deeply to ensure we are hiring the best female talent, as well as encouraging these hires to grow and strive.

I have learned a lot at Bain, particularly to believe in myself and the things I do, no matter how small.

To whoever is currently going through the recruiting process, especially women, the opportunity you have is truly life-changing. Don’t come unless you are truly prepared. Give it the best of yourself, and believe in yourself!